Digital Pioneers

in Water Conservation and Drought Management

Empowering Water Providers with Cutting-Edge Digital Platforms and AI-Powered Analytics

Redefining Water
Management with AI

Drought Management

As droughts become increasingly frequent and severe, our technology platform provides water providers with the tools to proactively manage water resources,

empower citizens and communities as well as comply with regulations. We’re committed to addressing water providers’ challenges, promoting efficient water management, and ensuring equitable access- powered by AI/ML/IoT Analytics.

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Water Conservation
Water Conservation

Our advanced analytics platform empowers water providers to monitor and track customer water usage reductions,

offering insights into the effectiveness of their conservation programs, rebates, and incentives. Understanding the unique water needs across customer segments, our platforms facilitate accelerated adoption of personalized water conservation initiatives-thought engagement, education and empowerment.

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Revenue Protection and Leakage Analytics
Revenue Protection and Leakage Analytics

Our comprehensive platform employs cutting-edge analytics to swiftly detect and address leaks, effectively minimizing water loss.

This proactive approach significantly reduces operational costs while delivering intelligent reports, ensuring efficient revenue protection and leakage management for water utilities.

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Digital Customer Experience
Digital Customer Experience

Our digital platforms prioritize customer-centricity for water providers, empowering them to seize emerging opportunities and align, with customer experience (CX) goals.

Harness the capabilities of our integrated platforms to meet evolving customer demands effectively, through comprehensive usage analytics, program management, digital marketplace, multichannel communication and more.

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Field Service Management
Field Service Management

Our cloud-based platforms guarantee scalability to meet water providers' field service management demands.

They play a central role in automating operations, eliminating inefficiencies, promoting digital engagement, breaking down operational barriers, streamlining tasks, and enhancing workforce experience.

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Powered by AI/ML

Delivering the Business

of Connected Experiences

At SEW, we empower water companies, pioneering a sustainable future through our integrated, connected platforms. Our all-encompassing solution serves diverse needs, effortlessly linking customers, field workers, and operations. Embrace an AI/ML/IoT-driven digital transformation, ensuring a seamless customer and workforce journey towards a sustainable and more efficient tomorrow.


Increase in Program Enrollment


Reduction in Water Usage


Increase in Water Waste Reporting

Weaving Citizens into the Water Conservation Story

In the Spotlight

It’s time to emphasize on the urgency of conserving water, especially in the face of global challenges like water scarcity and climate change. The story encourages a shift from consumers to engaged citizens committed to water conservation, promoting awareness, incentives, and community engagement.

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Powered by #1 Smart WX Platform

AI Excellence for Field Service Management

We empower water providers by mobilizing their field workers, automating critical business processes, and nurturing excellence in field services. Through the AI-powered connected platforms, we enhance operational efficiency and elevate service delivery standards, ultimately driving enhanced overall performance.


Automatic Workflows and Scheduling


Increase in On Time Arrivals


Reduction in Safety Incidents

Billing & Payment

Gilbert Summit Rural Water District Modernizes Billing & Payments with SEW Platform

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Field Service Efficiency

Achieving Field Workforce Experience Excellence with Digitization and Automation

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Water Conservation

Accelerating Water Conservation through Digital Engagement and Smart Analytics

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Powered by AI/ML Analytics

Intelligent Way to Optimize Water Usage

We empower water providers to harness customer and workforce insights from diverse data streams, automating critical business processes. Leverage the powerful AI/ML/IoT analytics to catch any water usage abnormalities and easily detect, manage and identify the exact leakage location for a potential remedy.