Smart Meter Management

Smarter Processes for Smart Meter Implementation and Utilization

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Simplifying Smart Meter Management with Streamlined Processes

Millions of smart meters mean a barrage of data. Ensuring proper maintenance, streamlined rollout, managing all the meters and making use, individually and collectively, of all the data that comes from smart meters can be an enormous task. But with the right innovative digital platform, this challenge can be met cost-effectively and efficiently. Utility businesses are looking to SEW to help them manage and control their smart meters.

We are meeting their needs through SMW’s Meter Management Platform, a high-performance digital platform powered by AI, ML, and analytics, that helps utilities manage smart meters with the right intelligence. The cloud-based platform provides a flexible and scalable approach to utilities that can evolve and adjust as the ecosystem evolves. Empower your field workforce and customers as you deploy smart meters and make the most of them.

  • Multi-utility support (power, gas, water, heat, etc.) all in one platform with extensive reporting and statistics for faster & intelligent decision-making
  • Enjoy connected customer and workforce experiences with seamless integrations with CX Platform. Empower customers with right engagement & capabilities to make the most of smart meter rollout
  • Manage work orders and smart meter rollout to assign, schedule, and complete tasks from anywhere
  • Provide bidirectional communication across channels with customers and field workforce on status updates every step of the way
  • Automatically route and prioritize tasks, track field worker and equipment with AI/ML powered tech-en-route capabilities
  • Manage meter and equipment procurement, inventory management and warehousing, logistics, warranty and repair
  • Enable streamlined field management, work order management, and resource scheduling and allocation
  • Ensure meter maintenance through installation management, repair, and replacement

Platform Benefits

  • Increase control with real-time information
  • Reduce operating costs and improve business processes and workforce productivity
  • Enhance data accuracy and decision-making
  • Realize the benefits of smart grid investments
  • Ensure the safety of field workers, customers, and the public
  • Meet customer expectations and enhance field workforce experience