Rebate and Program Management

Maximizing Customer Savings and Optimizing Use with Intelligent Outreach

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Committed to Engage Customers and Improve Participation

To cement sustainable practices, it is crucial to empower utility consumers with tools promoting energy efficiency and water conservation.

SEW’s Rebate and Program Management Platform is an intelligent platform that allows energy and water providers to offer personalized saving programs, rebates, and incentives to end customers. With simple sign-on, streamlined participation options, and easy tracking of applications and cost savings, the platform improves customer awareness and encourages program adoption.

  • Provide customers with personalized conservation programs, rebates, and incentives
  • Ensure guaranteed savings for customers and assured reduction on bills
  • Manage the eligibility criteria, document checklist, and the prerequisites for program and rebate enrolment
  • Streamline application procedure and allow customers to track with proactive status updates
  • Eligible customers see detailed information about the savings programs and rebates
  • Send proactive notifications across channels such as text, email, IVR, push etc.
  • Understand each customer segment, their behaviour with easy reporting and AI/ML analytics
  • Send personalized offerings with customer segmentation and hyper-targeting
  • Improve program enrolment with easy to follow and simplified processes
  • Instantly validate customer eligibility and save on operational costs
  • Detailed savings report monitoring program performance, customer enrolment, generated savings, and cost benefits
  • Recommend efficient products with instant rebates on Utility Digital Market Place
  • Enhance environmental stewardship by driving energy and water conscious customer behaviour
  • Develop new utility business models and improve customer awareness and engagement
  • Achieve energy efficiency targets and water conservation goals

Platform Benefits

  • Drive digital self-service and deepen customer relationships
  • Enhance Environmental Stewardship
  • Simplify and Improve Program Enrolment
  • Improve Customer Savings