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for Gas Providers

Driving Efficiency with AI-Powered Digital Platforms

Shaping Tomorrow's Energy Landscape with AI

Digital Tranformation
Digital Transformation

By leveraging digital platforms, gas providers optimize their operations, enhance customer experiences, and unlock new opportunities and unlock

new opportunities along the entire value chain.

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Customer Centric Approach
Customer-Centric Approach

Interactions in the gas industry are increasingly governed by customer journey analysis and personalized communication. We provide

digital platforms to prioritize customer-centric strategies that builds stronger relationships with their customers, improve satisfaction levels, and drive loyalty.

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Workforce Engagement
Workforce Engagement

We empower the workforce with digital tools and technologies, which streamline field operations, improve response times, and

ensure workforce safety. Digital field workforce engagement is becoming essential for gas providers to enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

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Establishing Intelligent Enterprises
Establishing Intelligent Enterprises

Gas providers are striving to establish intelligent enterprises that are agile, efficient, and customer-centric. By implementing

digital platforms, providers can automate processes, generate insights, empower their workforce, and deliver seamless customer experiences that meet the expectations of today's consumers.

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E-Mobility Infrastructure
E-Mobility Infrastructure

The rise of e-mobility is driving the need for robust infrastructure to support the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) and fuel cell

vehicles (FCVs) powered by gas-derived hydrogen. We provide comprehensive e-mobility infrastructure solutions, including EV charging infrastructure, to support the transition to cleaner transportation alternatives.

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Smart Infrastructure
Smart Infrastructure

The integration of smart technologies into gas infrastructure is revolutionizing how the industry operates. From

smart meters and sensors to predictive maintenance solutions, we provide state-of-the-art infrastructure digital platforms that enhance safety, reliability, and operational efficiency.

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Powered by AI/ML

Delivering the Business of Connected Experiences with AI Platforms 

Elevate your gas operations to unprecedented heights with our bespoke digital platforms built exclusively for the gas industry. At SEW, we seamlessly leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with cutting-edge digital platform, finely tuned to optimize every facet of the gas sector. Our cloud-based platforms deliver not just data, but intelligent insights, empowering you to make informed decisions that revolutionize customer experiences, asset management, and operational efficiency. From redefining customer interactions to streamlining operations, our platforms not only enhance service delivery but create enduring connections, ensuring customer satisfaction is at the core of your success. 


Surge in Adoption of Gas Platform


Increase in Marketplace Engagement


Reduction in Gas-related Inquiries

SEW Positioned as a Leader in IDC Market

In the Spotlight

SEW has been distinguished as the premier provider of digital customer engagement solutions for utilities in the latest IDC MarketScape Report for the period of 2023-2024. As the IDC Leader in Digital Customer Engagement for Utilities, SEW brings cutting-edge solutions that harness the power of artificial intelligence to enhance customer interactions. Enables utilities to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with ease, providing innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of workforce management in today's digital age.

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Powered by #1 SmartWX Platform

Enhancing Workforce Efficiency with AI/ML Digital Platforms

Experience the next generation of workforce management tailored for the gas industry with our state-of-the-art Digital WX Platform. We empower gas service providers by deploying cutting-edge solutions, automating field service management processes, and establishing new benchmarks in service management. With our digital platforms, gas providers can seamlessly connect infrastructure to enhance operational efficiency, unlock revenue opportunities, and foster sustainable practices.


Surge in Work Order
Completion Rate


Reduction in Service
Response Time


Accuracy in Predictive

Customer Experience 

India’s Leading Natural Gas Distributor adopts Digital Technology to transform Customer Experience (CX)

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Multichannel Communication

Scaling Smart Communications and 24x7 Service for a Leading Energy Provider

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Workforce Management

Achieving Field Workforce Experience Excellence with Digitization and Automation

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Powered by SmartIX

Transforming Data into Strategic Insights and AI

Experience the forefront of data-driven innovation in the gas industry with our cutting-edge SmartIX platform- powered by AI/ML. Tailored specifically for the data complexities, SmartIX utilizes pioneering AI and ML-driven analytics to empower gas providers with actionable intelligence. SmartIX transforms diverse data streams into strategic insights, enabling smarter decision-making and optimizing operational efficiency for sustainable gas management.

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