Complaints and Violations

Manage Customer Complaints and Violations for Efficient Water Use and Management

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Analytics and Intelligent Platforms to Resolve Customer Complaints and Remediating Violations

Managing customer complaints and acting upon violations is paramount for optimal water management. With intelligent and connected digital platforms water providers can connect the dots and work with customers to resolve queries and requests.

From theft to leaks, customers can connect with providers for quickest resolution, while utilities can identify violators and take appropriate action for better compliance.

  • Leverage the digital self-service platform for managing customer’s complaints and provide quickest resolution
  • End to End Automation of Complaints and Violations making the process easy and seamless cutting technology and operational silos
  • Take immediate action on violations and intelligently schedule & dispatch field worker on the complaints
  • Monitor consumption and penalize defaulters as per the water use regulations
  • Comply with government regulations and other mandates for optimal water use
  • Leverage intuitive dashboard with map, reports, and summary for intelligent decision making
  • Send proactive notification and alerts to customers on their preferred channels

Platform Benefits

  • Manage Investigations
  • Connect Customer and Field Workforce Experiences
  • Meet Regulations Compliance
  • Intelligent and data driven decision making