Location Intelligence & Route Optimization

Real-time and Intelligent Assistance to Utility Field Workforce

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Location Intelligence and Route Optimization for On-time Service Delivery

SEW’s Location Intelligence and Route Optimization Platform provides optimal route to job sites considering the factors such as customers’ and workers’ time constraints, vehicle issues, and route availability. The platform can be integrated with enterprise GIS to create insights based on asset location and attributes. It allows utility back-office to have a real-time visibility on ground activities, while ensuring low transportation cost and on-time service delivery.

The platform also provides utility dispatchers, field supervisors, and fleet managers with AVL tracking that enables 360-degree view of fleet operations. It helps utilities to reduce maintenance cost, better management of field crew, and provide instant access to back-office information, allowing workers to perform their jobs in real-time.

  • Provide 24x7 web and mobile based access to location and status in real-time to the utility
  • Enhance performance metrics with GIS-integrated live tracking and insights into field activities
  • With geolocation insights, analyze asset usage patterns and proactively plan repairs
  • Provide real-time geospatial insights and intelligence to utility back-office
  • Enable visibility on wildfire, weather or social media feeds for better insights
  • Facilitate GPS-enabled live tracking of field workers and fleet
  • Allow utility to track, manage, monitor vehicles and optimize travel routes
  • Send email, text, push, alerts to customers to keep them informed and up-to-date with worker status
  • Provide AI/ML-powered dashboards and reports to measure the health of field service operation
  • Optimize travel routes, improve maintenance schedules, and enhance the entire service chain

Platform Benefits

  • Streamline utility operations and fleet utilization
  • Minimize fuel usage and distance covered
  • Improve worker safety with instant alerts
  • Optimize workforce efficiency
  • Optimize scheduling and dispatching
  • Improve workforce experience