The Power of People + Honest AI for Energy and Water: Our Vision for Achieving Global Sustainability

Deepak Garg
Published: May 24, 2024
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Have we ever imagined living in a time where we question the fate of our necessities? What’s happening to water? What’s happening to energy? Probably not. These essentials are so ingrained in our lives that we subconsciously assume they are immutable—until a major disruptor forces us to rethink.

That time is now. The convergence of People and AI has made it clear that energy and water are poised for significant transformation. And at SEW, that’s exactly what we’re driving: a revolutionary change in how we manage and conserve these vital resources.

I am privileged to lead a company with passionate leaders and team that sits at the exciting intersection of boundless innovation and everyday essential services, revolutionizing how these essential services integrate and impact the lives of every single person on the planet.

Energy and water are fundamental to our existence, and at SEW, we are committed to redefining this connection through our People + Honest AI vision.

Why the Energy & Utilities Industry?

The Energy & Utilities sector stands as the most crucial arena for innovation and transformation today. We are at a pivotal moment, with global transformations reshaping how we think about, consume, and conserve our essential resources. From small towns to mega-cities, energy and water are fundamental to every person’s daily life—making this industry not only universal but also indispensable. In this era of urgent change, the utility sector offers the unique opportunity to directly impact every household and business on the planet, driving us toward a more sustainable and efficient future.

This is the fate of billions of people we are talking about—billions across every continent.

The Need for an Intelligent People + Honest AI Approach

Our world faces complex challenges: climate change, water scarcity, energy crisis with optimization and efficiency. These are substantial human challenges. However, complex challenges need not necessarily have complex solutions only. It can be as simple as bringing together two powerful components: People and Honest AI. By integrating AI with a deep focus on a people-centric approach to utility transformation, we can empower individuals to make better decisions about their energy and water management, enhancing the integrated utility experience and driving effective conservation efforts. This synergy amplifies our collective potential to address and overcome these global challenges.

Empowering Billions of People through Digital Platforms

Think of a platform that learns from people’s behaviour, anticipates their needs, and guides them towards sustainable practices—this is exactly what we are building at SEW. We are building a connected experience that harnesses the power of AI to integrate the entire energy and water ecosystem.

Since its foundation, SEW has been committed to using digital technology to Engage, Empower, and Educate billions of people across the globe to save energy and water. And now, by tapping into the vast potential and intelligence of AI, we are dedicatedly working to meet the diverse needs of billions of people.

With our People + AI mindset, we are building smart, scalable platforms that transform utility consumers into active participants in this global energy and water movement.

But Why Honest AI?

With the world population heading towards 8+ billion, there are 8+ billion opportunities to make a difference. Each person’s energy and water usage pattern tells a story, a unique narrative that AI can decode to offer personalized insights- not just to the customers but to utilities as well. By understanding these patterns, AI platforms tailor advice, predict needs, and provide solutions that are not just effective but also intelligent .

Similarly, these AI platforms extend beyond individual consumption patterns to encompass a broader array of services, enhancing the overall user experience. Personalized communication, demand response programs, payment arrangement plans, field service management, customer service, agent experience, eMobility transition, grid communication, and data interchange—all these components need to come together to achieve the goals of energy transformation, water conservation, and achieving net-zero. This integration acts like a grand "People Operating System" for the industry, powering not just the utilities but also empowering every individual user.

At SEW with People+AI, we are committed to building this intelligent OS. By connecting all these elements, our AI platforms create an ecosystem that not only meets today’s demands but also sets the stage for future innovations in the energy and water world. In this way, what we can achieve through AI is not just providing a service; we are empowering ALL people.

Connecting Experiences with Vertical-Specific AI Platforms

At the heart and mind of our mission is the drive to connect and educate. Whether it’s connecting people to their energy & utility providers or connecting data points to glean actionable insights, connection is the foundation of what we do. Every interaction on our platform is a step toward a common goal: a sustainable, efficient, and empowered planet.

Our approach at SEW involves building Honest AI-powered vertical-specific, end-to-end platforms that cater directly to the unique needs of the utility industry. From enhancing customer experience to optimizing field workforce operations, and from connecting customer service agents to bringing the grid closer to customers, our platforms integrate a layer of intelligence that transforms these interactions.

Imagine a city where AI predicts and prevents power outages before they disrupt lives, where smart water infrastructure detects and fix leaks instantly, and where customer service agents resolve issues with unprecedented speed and accuracy, armed with real-time customer and field data. Picture utility workers using augmented reality to expedite and perfect infrastructure repairs, and consumers effortlessly accessing detailed energy usage insights through intuitive apps. Think about AI optimizing energy distribution to balance supply and demand dynamically, reducing waste and lowering costs. Envision smart meters that not only track usage but also provide personalized recommendations for reducing consumption and saving money.

Visualize entire neighbourhoods powered by renewable energy sources, with AI managing the grid to seamlessly integrate solar, wind, and other green technologies. Picture a world where electric vehicles are charged efficiently, grid reliability is enhanced, and carbon footprints are minimized through intelligent energy management.

This is the transformative power of AI in the utility industry—people and technology synergizing to create a seamless, responsive, and forward-thinking ecosystem.

At SEW, we’re not just imagining this future; we’re engineering it day and night.

We, with the SEW family of 1500+ dedicated team members, are inspired to stand at the forefront of a new era in the energy & utilities industry—a revolution of such scale that it will leave its mark for generations to come. Here, our People + AI vision is guiding us to build a transformative future. At SEW, we are excited to lead this charge, creating solutions that are not only innovative but also inclusive. Our vision is clear: to engage, empower, and educate every individual about the power of saving energy and water. By harnessing the potential of AI and focusing on the human aspect of utilities, we can transform challenges into opportunities—for our planet, our people, and our future.


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Deepak Garg
CEO & Founder

Deepak Garg is the Founder and CEO of Smart Energy Water (SEW). A respected leader in the technology and utility industry, Deepak has over two decades of experience in product development and is responsible for driving innovation, vision, and strategy at SEW. Deepak has spearheaded SEW’s initiatives to build innovative digital platforms that address the challenges of global sustainability and help utilities connect with people. He has successfully established high-powered technology teams, to develop the #1 Digital Customer Experience, Digital Workforce Experience, Smart AI/ML Analytics platforms that address key business challenges for energy, water and gas providers. All the SEW platforms leverage next-gen technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, to power customer and workforce experiences. Backing on scalability, modularity, flexibility, and security, SEW clients deliver award-wining experiences and set new benchmarks for the industry.

Driven by Deepak’s stellar vision, SEW has navigated 37+ geographies to serve energy and utility companies, connecting 1.5 B+ people and serving 22000+ Smart Cities/communities.

Deepak’s passion and dedication to transform the energy and utility industry is mirrored in the company’s vision to Engage, Educate, and Empower. Deepak founded SEW, guided by five core values — Sustainability, Integrity, Innovation, Compassion, and Performance. Over the years, he has brought together like-minded people, developed high-powered business and technology teams, and started a SEW family (now 1000+ strong) that aims to connect billions of people with their energy and water providers.

The company has been recognized by INC 5000 and is one of the fastest growing companies in America. Deepak is an active contributor in the Forbes Technology Council. Deepak is also propelling the cleantech conversations with other utility and tech leaders with the WE3 platform. The thought leadership space brings perspectives from industry leaders on the key themes affecting the energy and water world to spark change and normalize innovation.

Deepak has received multiple industry recognitions such as EY Entrepreneurship of the Year, Best CEO Award, Innovator of the Year and more.

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