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A Leading North American Utility Achieves 90% Customer Adoption with consistent 5 Star App Ratings and delivers superior CX​ to Millions of end customer

Join the League of such 360+ Digitally Advanced Energy and Water Providers

Smart CX Platform Smart CX Platform

Smart CX is the #1 digital customer experience platform for energy, water and gas providers, worldwide, that harnesses the power of digital to better address customer needs and build future-ready businesses.

  • Single integrated digital platform, accessible through an online portal and native mobile apps.

  • 24*7 digital connectivity for personalized & proactive communication

  • Intelligent and powerful customer insights with predictive analytics

  • 360-degree visibility of customer interactions throughout the customer journey

Digital Customer Engagement

Customers one-stop location for online account management, billing and payments, start and stop services, saving programs, and smart home management.

  • Account Management 
  • Customer Service Management
  • Billing & Payments
  • Outage Management
  • Communication Preferences
  • Energy and Water Saving Programs

Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation

Simple and intuitive ways to monitor electric, water and gas usage to make informed decisions. Enrollment in personalized saving programs & rebates to reduce usage.

  • Program Enrollment 
  • Energy and Water Saving​
  • AI Behavioral Reports
  • Usage Tracking and Comparison ​
  • Energy Disaggregation
  • Demand Side Management ​
  • Digital Marketplace
  • Audits and Home Energy Reports ​

Multiple Billing and Payment Options

Analyze bills, compare rates, register queries, make secure payments, and manage all other billing and payment functions, online.

  • Real Time Payment Processing
  • On Demand Secure Payments​ ​​
  • Pay as you Go ​​
  • Paperless Billing​​
  • Bill History ​​
  • Payment Locations
  • Online Bill Presentment ​
  • Multiple Payment Channels​

Outage Management

Report outages with a single click and get a view of all the current and planned outages in an area.

  • Storm Center
  • Report an Outage
  • Outage Maps
  • Outage Restoration Updates
  • Outage Alerts
  • Proactive customer communication
Outage Management

Customer Communication and Experience ​

Real-time and bidirectional communication across multiple touchpoints with a robust notification center for a seamless user experience.

  • Notifications and Alerts​
  • Email, Text, IVR, Phone​
  • Mobile Push Notifications ​
  • Smart AI Chatbots​​
  • Personalized Communication​
  • Live Agents and Virtual Assistants​
  • Omnichannel Customer Experience​
EV Adoption and Management

EV Adoption and Management

Educate customers to actively adopt Electric Vehicles, champion positive change, embrace energy efficient lifestyle and take the eMobility plunge​

  • Digital Self service
  • EV Charging
  • TOU Rates
  • Proactive Charging Alerts
  • Locate Charging Stations
  • Easy and Secure Payments

The Smart CX Advantage

Now is the time to build superior CX to drive customer satisfaction and build future-ready businesses. Take full advantage of the #1 platform, trusted by hundreds of global utilities.

  • Drive Personalized User Experiences
  • Enhance Utility-Customer Communication
  • Reduce Cost-to-Serve
  • Increase Customer Savings
  • Reduce Call Volume and Customer Care Expense
  • Improve Customer Adoption

4.8 Out of 5100K + Rating

Increase of 25% adoption within first two months