Drought Management

Building Drought Resilience for Water Utilities with Digital Platforms​

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Water Conservation and Drought Management Now Made Easier

Enable comprehensive visibility across the water infrastructure to improve operational planning and drive informed collaboration and decision making. Now foster engagement with customers to enable conservation, drive sustainability, and build drought resilience.

  • Customer Communication and Engagement
  • Meet State Regulations and Compliances
  • AI/ML/IoT Analytics for Water Leaks and Wastages
  • Micro Customer Segmentation and Targeting
  • Streamline field service operations for Inspections
  • Usage Comparison, Rebate, Programs, Saving Tips
  • Manage Complaints and Violations
  • Proactive Notifications through Text, IVR, Web, Mobile, Smart Chatbot

Platform Benefits

  • Minimize Water Wastage and Losses
  • Achieve Water Conservation Targets
  • Deeper Customer Engagement
  • Streamline Field Service Operations