Field Service Management

The Digital Way of Optimizing Service Delivery

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Enabling Energy and Water Providers to Intelligently Manage Field Service Operations

Leverage the industry leading workforce experience platform to manage field service, efficiently and intelligently. Use AI/ML powered schedule and dispatch, mobile platforms, collaboration and training tools, asset and inventory management, smart forms and more, to capture every aspect of service delivery. Now connect the field operations, workers, and the customers with connected digital platforms for best experiences.

  • Streamline work order management with connected digital platforms. Plan, schedule and execute service orders, with AI/ML powered schedule and dispatch
  • Enable location tracking for field service technicians and route optimization for a enhanced service delivery
  • Provide customers with the visibility to track the progress and location of field workers and enable real-time status updates.
  • Enable time tracking for field worker while on the job and maintaining the logs
  • Give field workers the access to knowledge repository and collaboration tools
  • Leverage comprehensive asset and inventory management and get availability of parts on time
  • Make the most of smart forms for surveys and feedback capture from customers and other stakeholders
  • Integrate the experiences with digital customer platforms to raise service orders, track the request to closure
  • With real-time collaboration tools and smart forms, allow field crew to gather inputs, share photos, video chat with peers, or access group knowledge to find alternative solutions.
  • Leverage AI/ML analytics and reports to capture insights and make data-driven decisions

Platform Benefits

  • Increase field worker productivity and improve digital adoption
  • Gain real-time visibility into field activities, resolution status, and performance
  • Digitize manual and paper processes
  • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring quality and consistency in the field
  • Shorten mean time to repair and improve first-time fix rates
  • Reduce field service costs