In order to succeed and survive the current digital landscape, the state- holding electricity board needed to embrace digital transformation and tap into disruptive technologies - IoT, Data analytics, Automation, Cloud and Mobility.

To help meet these goals, the utility adopted SEW’s Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®) as Bihar Bijli Smart Meter- integrated with a modern CIS environment to reshape the way they think about technology, data, new customer habits, new services, and customer service. SCM® offered them with ways to address emerging customer challenges and exploit opportunities to completely rethink the way they conducted business.The new CIS system would deliver an integrated customer relationship management solution, reduce costs, streamline operations, and provide quality service to their customers. Adoption SCM®, enabled a shift from an outdated setting to a modern mode. The feature-rich customer mobile application, providing digital capabilities to lakhs of customers, offered:Learn how the digital platform became a crucial interface in the utility’s journey to build superior customer experiences & helped them infuse customer-centricity as a primary focus and take customer service excellence to the next level.

Download the case study and find out how with SEW #1 Digital CX Platform the provider was able to:

  • Provide the convenience of ‘One Portal’ for the entire customer base
  • Deliver personalized insights to customers through usage analytics
  • Improve customer self-service with a digital-first strategy
  • Enhance customer experience and customer satisfaction

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