Our Vision for the New Decade- An opportunity full of infinite possibilities

Our Vision for the New Decade- An opportunity full of infinite possibilities

10+ years ago, we set out with a clear vision for SEW – 'Global Sustainability’ by educating, empowering, and engaging billions of people with tech platform. A vision that articulates our company's goals, would bring all of us together, and in whose fulfillment the organization would strive- every day. It is a multi-resolution, multi-dimensional representation of an idea that would reshape the way people across the globe consume and save our natural resources- energy and water. At that time, achieving this vision seemed like a distant reality, given the constraints - connecting people, access to the right technology, and more importantly, awareness and education of our purpose, but we were dead set to succeed. Fast-forward to today, SEW, with its digital platforms, has connected 575+ million people to make possible the almost unimaginable 10+ year-old idea of energy and water security.

The last decade in review

For SEW, the last decade was full of challenges, triumphs, innovation, emotion, and growth. As we look forward to 2021, it is the perfect time to think about our vision, reflecting on what we have learned, and setting smart goals towards its fulfillment. 2020, with all its challenges, has been a promising and fulfilling year for the company and our clients. We have helped our clients achieve their strategic objectives to realize business resilience and service continuity with our digital platforms; we have continued our 10-year mission of enabling utility service providers to engage with consumers and empowering them to minimize the impact of their energy and water usage; we have enabled operational efficiency and reduced the safety risks for field workers on the front line; and we have improved compliance, connectivity, and service delivery performance. In our quest for Sustainability, we have also worked with like-minded partners to develop and share solutions that benefit people and communities worldwide.

Our role in the evolved and digital world of today

We were, and still are, one of the first tech companies on a mission to engage, empower, and educate billions of people and build a sustainable tomorrow. Whether it is by building water and energy-efficient solutions to empower consumers or starting a global summit and movement focused on the nexus of energy and water. We also introduced a mobile app that helped drought-stricken California in 2015 and has always prioritized actions that enable the community to act and stay safe.

With the advancement in technology and collaboration with our customers, we have refined our platforms, introducing new capabilities that help lead our sustainability goals, and created new SEW markets. Our customers' champions in this journey have worked tirelessly with our own teams to deliver the best outcomes and solutions possible. Most importantly, we have served our customers and helped them succeed in their own goals, and in so doing, SEW has risen above the radar in making our name and our vision known across the world.

Our plan, priorities, and the next decade

We don't need a crystal ball to foresee that major energy and water challenges will characterize the new decade. These will be coupled with humanitarian goals of providing clean water and sanitation for all and embracing renewable energy sources to reduce carbon loading. These will focus on all of us as we explore the disruptive potential of technological advancements and how they can help address far-reaching issues like climate change.

Our digital platforms' and its evolution had validated, reinforced, and strengthened our role in fundamentally changing how energy and water providers evolve and become environmental stewards and trusted advisors to consumers and citizens. At SEW, we take our position and role very seriously, supporting the responsibility we all have, to protect our natural resources and preserve our planet's health.

Our focus for the next ten years will be to fulfill our mission and goals, further build-up, strengthen, and diversify our capabilities to fully embrace technologies and reinforce SEW's relevance to energy and water providers and consumers across the globe. Technology and data intelligence are very much front and center of our strategic development. We are investing much in this area to enhance our competitiveness and champion new ways of working. We will increasingly focus on the power of technology going forward as a new driving force, and this will be backed by a talented pool of experts who are paramount to our future. There will undoubtedly be a continuation of challenges to overcome and succeed in our efforts, but we will confront them openly and honestly. Through a continued concerted effort from all of us, combined success can be ensured.

For SEW, the next decade will be characterized by changes and opportunities. By embracing new technologies, remaining competitive, and continuing to be forward-thinking, we will muster the courage to explore new possibilities, bravely, discover new innovations and move ahead in collaboration and partnership with our clients. The relevance and success of SEW will be pinned to it.

As it is said, Rome was not built in a day – it took 120 years to build St. Peter's Basilica. But we all know that it was all started with a vision, and brick-by-brick, with sheer hard work and determination of the people who envisioned it, the dream was realized, and here we are, 400 years later, and it remains just as beautiful and relevant as ever.

Let us start 2021 by believing we can change lives and protect our futures, by making consistent progress and working towards our goals one day at a time, forgiving ourselves when we stumble, and not forgetting to stand -up and walk again.

The world's future depends on our collective success. Let us get the job done together!

Deepak Garg,
Founder and CEO, Smart Energy Water (SEW)