Looking Ahead to 2022- Deepak Garg’s Diary Entry

Looking Ahead to 2022- Deepak Garg’s Diary Entry

Every start of a new year, we resolve. We hope. We wish.

Today, if I get a magic lamp, and a blue coloured genie asks for a wish, my wish will be not hundred other wishes. It will be to connect everyone on the planet. For, this connectivity will solve the unexpected, and as the maxim goes- the power of unity would help us manage what is yet to come.

When we think the new normal is here, the definition of the new normal changes. We get back to readapting and reiterating.

This flux is baffling. But interesting too.

As business leaders, we are being fine-tuned to serve people, citizens, and help other businesses cope with the monumental change. Giving the right product, tools, intelligence that make life easier is dopamine in itself.

And I wish for the same.

Start of the decade, we were making predictions for 2025, now for 2030. Have we gone back and checked how those predictions are faring? Are we ready to accept the unpredictability of these predictions? There are changes around us that have redefined the way we work, interact, or the way we live.

As people change, their behaviours change, so do outlook and life goals. It is enthralling to hear people worldwide speak of building a better planet; make climate positive decisions and scout for ways to truly make an impact.

This urge to serve and this readiness excites me. After all, this is the silver lining we all were waiting for. And here is where I see the power of connection and the power of intelligence.

I call this- The Intelligent Connection.

Know people, know what they want, when they want, how they want. Please give them intelligent guidance so they value you. This is true in our personal lives and so in businesses.

And that’s why Energy and Utility space is more exciting than ever. Challenging, yes! Thrilling, more so!

I want to wish a 2022 where we have an intelligent utility-citizen connection. More saving on bills, but also an inspiration to drive change- getting to answers for- How do we build a sustainable ecosystem; spread awareness, accelerate renewables adoption, ready for the seismic mobility shift, further the energy-water nexus. And much more.

So, while the genie might grant me the wish to connect everyone on the planet; swapping the roles, I will promise the genie to build the digital platforms that transform these connections into intelligent connections.

Until 2021, we have connected over 895 Million people with energy and water providers across 32 countries and are on the road to exponentially growing these connections to 3 Billion by 2024. With the industry-leading digital CX and WX platforms, we are staying in sync with the next in technology and embracing what is coming to change the world of energy and water- whether it is smart homes, electric vehicles, AI/ML, DERs, energy storage etc. We have committed to innovation and will do so forever. Thanks to a great team!

We take pride in delivering 5-star customer experiences, now is the time to take over the world with ‘connected’ 5-star experiences for utility customers, citizens, and the field workforce.

And in this journey we will help energy and water providers win over their customers, build resilience, and save costs.

This is not a lot to wish for!